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NEW Transmitter 95.9 FM in Bristol Area now broadcasting!

You Can Make a Difference!

Recently we had to move the location of our 96.9 transmitter from Ashland to Plymouth and will be installing equipment soon at our new site in Alexandria for the new 95.9 transmitter. The purchase of a new transmitter for our WANH Moultonborough site was an unexpected cost of $6,000 in addition to other projects underway. Many of these upgrades and replacements require costly legal, engineering and installation fees.  These are just the immediate projects, but we are in need of many items and would like to make our needs known to the community for those who are interested in making a donation towards a specific item. Below is a list of a few items we would like to upgrade our studio.

NHGR Wish List

(2) Computers + Software $2,000

Audio Processor for WANH  $2,500

Scheduling Software   $1,200

Automation Software & Computer $4,400

Thank you to every partner who continues to keep NHGR on the air!



To find out how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, call


Can Now Be Seen On Channel 22

Concord Community Television

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

6:30 P.M.

New Programs

Up for Debate - Sat mornings @ 9 am


Law Talk Live - Sat @ noon


Open Line - Sat morning  @  9 am


White Horse Inn - Sun evenings at 7:55 pm


Treasured Truth - Sun evenings  at 6:30 pm

Saturday Night Gospel Hour - Sat  @ 6 pm



NHGR thanks the following underwriters for their support.

We Need Your Email Address!!!

In order to save money on postage stamps, we'd like to compile a complete email address list of our listeners.  We'll be able to send thank you notes via email to our supporters, notify you of any programming changes, technical problems or needs of the station, as well as alert you to important upcoming local events and news!  If you'd like to be added to our email list, please send us an email and tell us to add you to our list!  We promise not to share your email address with anyone else.

Help us save the resources God gives us, SIGN UP TODAY! Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

High Visibility Property Desired

NHGR is looking for a home for a sign, and we need your help. The optimum site would be along Route 3 and possibly on Route 106.  It is our desire to make the visitors to New Hampshire and residents who travel these roads aware of the WANH 91.5 FM station in Meredith.   Knowing there are tens-of-thousands of vehicles that use these corridors and will pass these signs each year,  this will be a prime “avenue” to  introduce people to the teachings of Jesus and maximize the impact of the gospel being preached and taught day and night via the many transmitters of New Hampshire Gospel Radio. The cost for advertising on billboards is expensive.  We can greatly reduce this cost and increase awareness of Christian radio in Central NH, if we could use your land for our sign. If you have property along these roads or know someone who does, we would love to talk to you about the possibilities of a partnership.