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Welcome to New Hampshire Gospel Radio

Talk radio dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus
Christ, cultivating healthy spiritual lives, promoting encouragement, and discipling
believers through the instruction and proclamation of God's Word. We desire to build up the body of Christ and assist the Christian Church in a common unity of His Lordship.

  • New England Antenna Service

    Selling, installing, and servicing HDTV Antenna systems and Satellite TV systems to Central & Southern NH, Northern MA, and Southern ME for: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Educational, and Municipal

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  • New Hampshire Bible Society

    Placing God's Word into the hands, heads, and hearts of the people of New Hampshire in a form and a language they can understand.

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  • Awakening Foundation

    The Awakening Foundation exists to share the message of hope and resources with individuals and families in local and international communities by bringing together artists, fans, and like-minded organizations through live events and missional endeavors to serve and empower those in need.

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  • Shapiro Bathrooms and More

    A beautiful bathroom unquestionably means an improved quality of life in your home. It's a room you're in every day and everyone
    notices. At Shapiro Bathrooms and More we'll remodel your bathroom to perfection at a price you’ll like.

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Special Projects

Alongside our routine expenditures, there are ongoing projects requiring financial support. Some individuals enjoy donating to a specific cause; if that’s your preference and you’re able, please consider supporting the following critical initiatives:

- Our Moody satellite receiver is quickly approaching its end-of-life and needs replacing at $3,000. PROVIDED!!

- Our current operating systems and software are no longer supported by the providers and critical upgrades are essential for our studio equipment, encompassing industry-specific automation, sound cards, and two robust computers. The material cost alone are $10,000, exclusive of labor expenses.

- Interested in streaming NHGR and quickly accessing us on Alexa? A streaming sponsor would be $7,000 annually.


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