WANH, WJNH, and WVNH will have good signal strength throughout the Meredith, Concord, and Conway localities. In the nearby towns, the signal should be received easily with most car and home radios. Signal reflections off buildings and other metal objects will occasionally cause “dead” spots for the reception. This does not pose a problem for car radios because the car rapidly moves through these spots producing a little flutter in the radio reception. If you have trouble receiving the station in your home with a portable radio, move the radio around the room to various locations. Make sure to extend the antenna and change its position to obtain the best reception. If your radio has a stereo/mono switch, make sure it is in the mono position. For FM stereo receivers, make sure you have the FM antenna that came with your receiver connected to the FM antenna terminals on the back of the receiver. Move the antenna wires around to obtain the best signal. If you are shopping for a new FM portable radio to receive stations of NHGR, get one with FM antenna terminals so you can use an external antenna.
Here is a simple FM antenna design for stations in the NH Gospel Radio network that can be used on portable radios and FM stereo receivers:

Use a piece of 300 ohm TV twin-lead about 51 inches long. Remove .5-inch insulation from each of the two conductors on one end of the twin-lead and connect them together. Do the same to the other end. Connections can be made by twisting wires together, though soldering is best. Cut one of the twin lead conductors in the middle, or about 25 inches from each end. Strip the cut wire back about .5 inches each way. Connect another section of the twin-lead to the two wires to make your antenna look like the following diagram. The feed line can be of any length.

Remove the insulation from the end of the twin-lead feedline and connect them to the FM antenna terminals on your radio.

Move this antenna around inside or outside your home for the best reception. Try positioning the antenna vertically, as well as horizontally. When you find a good spot for it, tack or tape it in place.

If you still aren’t successful, you can call NHGR at 603-227-0911 and leave a message asking for help, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


We have both high and low-power transmitters, designed to provide a good reception throughout our coverage area. As you drive, you may find it necessary to changes channels, to get the best possible signal.

To make this easier and more effective, consider setting seven of the programming buttons on your radio, to receive NHGR. We suggest setting them in the following order:

91.1 Concord

91.1 Conway

88.3 Lakes Region

95.9 Bristol

96.1 Laconia

96.9 Plymouth

104.3 Concord

If you begin to have trouble hearing NHGR, just go through the buttons you have preset until you get the best signal.