Underwriting Guidelines

Because NHGR is a Christian non-profit radio station, announcement content is limited by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and NHGR policies.  There are specific announcement guidelines and restrictions for NHGR underwriting, but you are encouraged to be creative within these guidelines!

NHGR offers a unique and valuable venue for businesses to connect with their patrons in a positive and mutually beneficial way.  The Christian orientation of NHGR makes a statement about its listeners as well as those who support it financially.  We hope you agree, and very much look forward to working with you!

Please keep in mind that underwriting announcements are not commercials.  Adhering to the following guidelines ensures that your announcement is both legal and well-received by the listeners of this station. All announcements made to recognize program underwriting contributions MUST begin with a statement that clearly identifies the announcement as program underwriting.

Underwriters of the programming on noncommercial radio stations are legally required to be identified. Although contributors receive on-air acknowledgments, the FCC has unequivocally stated that such acknowledgments may be made “for identification purposes only and should not promote the contributor’s products, services, or company.” Accordingly such underwriting announcements on NHGR may not contain comparative, qualitative or promotional descriptions, price information, calls to action, inducements to buy, sell, rent or lease or promote the sale of goods and services of for-profit entities in exchange for consideration paid to the station.

FCC guidelines provide that “. . . donor acknowledgments utilized by non-profit broadcasters may include (1) logos or slogans which identify and do not promote, (2) location, (3) value neutral descriptions of a product line or service, (4) brand and trade names and product or service listings.”

Announcements may include:

Name of the business, organization or individual, mentioned at the beginning of the announcement
Historical information
Location, telephone number, or web address (one of these)
Basic, value-neutral description of products or services (3 maximum)
Non-promotional slogan

Announcements may NOT include:

Comparative or qualitative language (reliable, friendly, best)
Calls-to-action (call, stop by, we can be reached at, if you’re looking for)
Price information, including information about sale events, discounts, or allusion to cost
Inducements to buy, sell, rent, or lease
Repetition of information
Jingles or other promotional slogans

While the FCC affords considerable latitude in the content of underwriting announcements, NHGR respectfully asks underwriters not to include hours of operation, brand names of products (other than their own), and the names of other businesses or corporations in their announcement.